Reset Your Marriage: 3 Steps to Reignite the Spark

Kevin R. Johnson   -  

Marriages go through ups and downs. After being together for years, it’s easy to fall into routines and lose the excitement you once had.

If your marriage has lost its spark, don’t give up hope. With some effort and intention, you can hit the reset button and bring back that loving feeling.

Get Rid of the Weeds

What are the bad habits or negative patterns that have crept into your marriage? Is it constant bickering? Lack of quality time together? Holding onto grudges?

Take some time to identify the “weeds” that are choking the life out of your relationship. Then, make a commitment to uproot those weeds. That may mean going to counseling, having an honest and vulnerable conversation, or cutting out certain toxic behaviors. Removing the weeds makes room for your marriage to blossom again.

Let Go of the Old

It’s time to leave the past in the past. Are you still holding onto resentment from years ago? Do you keep score and bring up your spouse’s mistakes again and again? That’s old news.

Make a conscious choice to forgive, ask for forgiveness, and move forward. Don’t dwell on what was – look ahead to what could be.

Get Busy

When was the last time you had a romantic, intentional date night?

Recreate the feeling of your first dates! Dress up, turn off your phones, ask thoughtful questions, and re-learn your spouse. Surprise your love with his/her favorite flowers or a small, special gift. Hold hands, cuddle, and engage in physical intimacy. Reset your focus on your partner.

Resetting your marriage may seem difficult, but it’s worth it. With determination, commitment, and abiding unconditional love, you can revive the love and passion in your relationship.

Get rid of the weeds, let go of the past, and invest in each other again.

Your best days of marriage are still ahead – start your reset journey today!