8-11 Years Old

We're helping middle schoolers ignite the fire within.

Every child will develop four spiritual habits:
  • Spend Time With God
  • Spend Time With Others
  • Use Your Gifts
  • Share Your Story

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This month in KTZ, your child is learning…
This month in KTZ, your child is learning…

From retro toys to fashion trends, we all love a good throwback. (Especially for grown-ups because it reminds us of being young again.) There are things that remind us of a moment in time, but other things feel timeless and like they’re always in style. In this four-week series, kids will travel through the decades and see that the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels are always trending. As we hear from Jesus, we’ll see it’s always good to be humble, we can always forgive, Jesus is always fair, and love always needs action.

Have fun learning this month's bible verse in sign language!

this month’s
bible verse