Introducing Lent to Your Children: A Guide for Parents

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As a parent, there are various meaningful lessons that you’d like to teach your children throughout their lives. One of the most important things you can teach them is the importance of spirituality and devotion. One way to achieve this is by introducing Lent to your children. Lent is an important and meaningful season in the Christian faith, filled with valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. We want to help parents like you introduce this special season to their children in a warm and engaging way.

  1. Start with the basics.

The first step in introducing Lent to your children is to explain the basics. Begin by telling them that Lent is a time of year when we prepare for Easter by fasting, praying, reflecting, and repenting. You can explain that it lasts for forty days and that it is a time for us to reflect on ourselves and our relationship with God.

  1. Connect Lent with their daily lives.

Once you’ve given them a basic understanding of what Lent is, explain how it connects with their daily lives. You can tell them that by participating in Lenten activities, such as giving up something that they love during the season, they’ll learn how to discipline themselves. Lent also teaches the importance of selflessness, as we are encouraged to give more to those who are less fortunate during this period.

  1. Include children in leisure activities.

Lent provides the perfect opportunity to teach your children about the benefits of prayer, reflection, and fasting. Encourage your kids to participate in prayer sessions as well as reflection activities, such as writing about what they are thankful for each day during the season. You can also help them understand the concept of fasting and encourage them to give up something that they enjoy during the period.

  1. Teach the importance of forgiveness.

 Forgiveness is an essential theme of Lent. Therefore, it is important to teach your children about the importance of forgiving others during this period. Explain to them that just as God forgives us, we should also forgive others who have wronged us. Encourage your children to apologize to those they have wronged, forgive those who have wronged them, and seek forgiveness from God for any wrong they might have done.

  1. Make it fun.

Finally, keep in mind that Lent should be a time of joy and growth. Make each activity associated with the season fun and engaging, so that your children will look forward to participating. For example, have them create a Lenten poster that they can display throughout the season. Or, have a weekly Lenten family dinner where everyone contributes a small offering to a charity or good cause.

Introducing Lent to your children is an excellent way to teach them the importance of spiritual devotion, self-discipline, and selflessness.

I pray this helps!

Errika Wilkerson

Director of Children and Youth

Dare to Imagine Church