Book of Genesis

Study Through The Book of Genesis

Join us for an exciting journey of exploration as Pastor KJ guides us through the Book of Genesis. Every Wednesday, at 6 PM, we will come together at Dare to Imagine Church to uncover new insights and deepen our understanding of God's Word. Regardless of your level of faith, we invite you to join us for a delightful Bible Study!

The Beginning

God created the world, humanity, and all living beings. Learn how God put everything in its rightful place from the start.

The Fall

The Fall represented humanity’s decision to turn away from God. Learn how we must honor and glorify God with our lives.

Cain & Abel

The rebellion of Cain reveals humanity’s fractured relationships with one another and rejection of God.

The Flood

God regretted His creation and flooded the earth, but gave humanity a second chance through Noah and a new creation.

Cost of Pride

Pride leads to downfall, but humility brings wisdom and respect. Learn how God will humble his creation

The Courage to Go

Called by God, Abram stepped out in faith, leaving home to follow and trust God without knowing the destination.

Overcoming Fear

Paralyzed by fear, learn how Abram faced his fears, grew in his faith, and trusted God on his journey.

I Thought I Could

What do we do when we thought we could …we thought we were ready, didn’t listen and wind up in a mess?

An Encounter with God

This concludes with the formal establishment of God’s covenant promise to Abram: to give him and his descendants the land of Canaan.

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