Journaling is an important part of your 40-day prayer and fasting journey.

When you take time to write what you are hearing from God and put your thoughts, feelings, prayers, and reflections on paper, it not only encourages you during this time, but deepens your relationship with God. Later, when you experience a challenge or difficulty, read your journal and experience God.

If you are new to journaling or would like guidance on getting started, try these helpful suggestions:

Step 1

Read Daily Scripture

Step 2


Step 3


Go Deeper
Go Deeper
  • How did the Scripture make you feel?
  • What is God telling you?
  • What are areas where you feel weak?
  • What are areas where you feel empowered?
  • What is God telling you about Elevating in 2024?
Additional Tips
Additional Tips
  • Study what you don’t understand.
  • Be honest about how the fast is making you feel. You may feel, hungry, tired, or frustrated and it is okay to journal those feelings too!
  • Get ready for this season of fasting and praying with your dedicated journal to Journal Your Journey! Stay focused and inspired as you capture your thoughts, reflections, and prayers during this sacred season. 
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