Pastoral Opportunity

Life is Better When You Dare to Imagine

A Message from the Founding Lead Pastor

“And I will give you shepherds after my own heart who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.” – Jeremiah 3:15

Dear Prospective Pastoral Applicant,

I am filled with love and gratitude as I reflect on the incredible journey of Dare to Imagine Church over the past nine years.

From our humble beginnings with 20 people in my family’s home to a vibrant congregation of over 1,500, God has blessed us immensely. We transitioned from worshiping at First District Plaza in West Philadelphia to purchasing our beautiful 6.8-acre campus in Mt. Airy for $2.2 million.

Together, we have built a dynamic community focused on local and global outreach, transforming lives and spreading Christ’s love.

As I answer God’s call to serve a new church in New York City, I trust that God has already chosen the next pastor to lead Dare to Imagine Church into its next ministry season. If you feel called to join and lead our vibrant community, please familiarize yourself with our ministry.

Please submit a cover letter expressing why you believe you are called to serve here and how you intend to build upon the strong foundation we’ve laid together. Additionally, provide:

  1. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  2. Bio
  3. Recommendation letters (at least two)
  4. URL link to sermons.

All information must be submitted at the link below by Friday, July 26, 2024.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to be part of an extraordinary faith community.  With hope and great anticipation, we continue to dare to imagine!

Imagine greatly,

Kevin R. Johnson, Ed.D.
Founding Lead Pastor
Dare to Imagine Church, Inc.

Daring to Dream - Celebrating 9 Thriving Years of Faith & Community

As we celebrate nine remarkable years, we envision the wonders that each next chapter holds. Together, we dare to evolve. We dare to impact lives, and we dare to imagine what awaits us as we continue on this journey, imagining where faith will take us.

Discover Dare to Imagine: Pastoral Leadership Opportunity

To help you learn more about Dare to Imagine, we've provided links to our pastoral job description, 2023 Impact Report, community outreach initiatives, story, and other resources. These resources will give you valuable insight into our mission and the opportunity to lead our congregation.

Pastoral Job Description

The Lead Pastor shall embrace, lead, champion and build upon Dare to Imagine’s vision to be a contemporary, Christ-Centered, diverse, loving Christian fellowship.

2023 Impact Report

Let’s celebrate the incredible milestones and achievements made possible by our amazing congregation. This is a testament to the commitment to making a difference.

Dare to Bless Website

We Dare to Bless, every action speaks louder than words and every heart finds a purpose. We are dedicated to impact our community and inspire our congregation.

Our Story

We are a diverse fellowship committed to representing the love of Jesus Christ as we dare to imagine and create a better society for our families, our communities, and the world.

Our Kidz Zone

KTZ provides a safe, fun, and engaging space for kids to grow closer to Jesus. Children learn biblical truths and real-life lessons that they can apply in life daily.

2023 Financials

2023 has been a remarkable year for Dare to Imagine Church. Our financial health reflects our commitment to stewardship, transparency, and the impactful work we do within our community.

Questions & Answers

As Dare to Imagine Church enters its next season of ministry, we offer the following questions and answers to assist in our search process.

What is the application process and timeline?

All interested pastoral candidates must submit a cover letter expressing why you believe you are called to serve here and how you intend to build upon the strong foundation we’ve laid together. Additionally, provide your resume/CV, bio, and at least two reference letters. All information must be submitted at the link, Submit Application Here, by Friday, July 26, 2024.

Lastly, while there will be a team working with Pastor Johnson to evaluate all candidates, the final decision will be made by our Founding Lead Pastor, Dr. Kevin R. Johnson. It’s his goal to appoint a new pastor to lead Dare to Imagine Church within the next three to four months, but certainly before the end of the year.

How large is the congregation, and what is its demographic makeup? 

Dare to Imagine Church’s journey is a testament to God’s grace and the power of faith. From humble beginnings with just 20 people gathering in Pastor Kevin and Sister Kimya’s home, we’ve blossomed into a vibrant congregation of over 1,500 members.

Our physical growth mirrors our spiritual growth: we transitioned from worshiping at First District Plaza in West Philadelphia to acquiring our beautiful 6.8-acre campus in Mt. Airy, a $2.2 million investment in our community’s future.

Our multigenerational community spans from the very young to the wisely aged, and our diverse congregation reflects the richness of God’s creation:


  • 168 children and teens (0-18 years)
  • 90 young adults (19-24 years)
  • 368 adults in their prime years (25-40)
  • 549 established adults (41-60)
  • 285 seasoned members (61-79)
  • 23 treasured elders (80+ years)

Additionally, we are blessed with the following demographics based upon identified gender>

  • 407 men
  • 1,105 women

Each age group brings unique perspectives and strengths, creating a tapestry of faith that strengthens our church and our mission to dare to imagine a better world through Christ.

What support will be provided to the new pastor?

At Dare to Imagine Church, we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success for our new pastor. We will provide comprehensive support in the following areas:

1. Transition Assistance:
– A detailed onboarding process to familiarize the new pastor with our church operations, culture, and community
– Access to all necessary historical documents, financial records, and ministry plans
– Introductions to key church leaders, staff, and community partners

2. Staff Support:
– A capable and dedicated administrative team to assist with day-to-day operations
– Collaborative ministry teams to support various church functions
– Clear organizational structure and job descriptions for all staff roles

3. Financial Support:
– Competitive salary and benefits package
– Budget for ministry initiatives and personal development
– Resources for potential relocation expenses, if applicable

4. Work-Life Balance:
– Clearly defined expectations for work hours and time off
– Encouragement to maintain a healthy work-life balance
– Support for family integration into the church community

5. Prayer and Spiritual Support:
– A committed prayer team dedicated to supporting the pastor and their family
– Regular opportunities for spiritual retreat and renewal

6. Community Integration:
– Assistance in connecting with local community leaders and other clergy
– Support in understanding and navigating the unique aspects of ministry in Philadelphia

We believe that by providing robust support in these areas, we can help our new pastor thrive in their role and effectively lead our congregation into its next chapter of growth and impact.

What information should pastoral applicants submit?

All interested pastoral candidates must submit a cover letter expressing why you believe you are called to serve here and how you intend to build upon the strong foundation we’ve laid together. Additionally, provide your resume/CV, bio, two reference letters, and URL links to sermons. All information must be submitted at the link below, “Submit Application Here” by Friday, July 26, 2024.

What is the church's denominational affiliation?

Dare to Imagine Church, Inc., is an interdenominational Christian church and active member of the American Baptist Churches USA.

What are the key qualifications is Dare to Imagine looking for in a new pastor?

Dare to Imagine Church is seeking a spiritually centered and Spirit-filled individual who can effectively lead and shepherd our innovative, ever-evolving Christian community. We are looking for someone who embodies pastoral gifting, visionary leadership, and the ability to equip the church for growth and multiplication. Key qualifications include:

1. Spiritual Maturity:
– Deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ
– Demonstrated commitment to prayer and spiritual disciplines
– Strong biblical knowledge and sound theology

2. Visionary Leadership:
– Proven track record of visionary leadership in a church setting
– Ability to cast compelling vision and inspire others to action
– Skills in strategic planning and implementation

3. Pastoral Gifting:
– Heart for shepherding and nurturing spiritual growth in others
– Strong preaching and teaching abilities
– Compassionate counseling skills

4. Innovation and Creativity:
– Demonstrated ability to think creatively and implement innovative ministry approaches
– Aptitude for finding fresh, relevant ways to communicate timeless biblical truths
– Willingness to embrace and leverage new technologies and media in ministry
– Open-mindedness to experiment with unconventional methods to reach and engage the community

5. Organizational Management:
– Experience in church administration and staff management
– Financial stewardship and budgeting skills
– Ability to develop and empower leaders within the church

6. Community Engagement:
– Passion for community outreach and social impact
– Cultural competence to minister in our diverse urban setting
– Commitment to both local and global missions

7. Emotional Intelligence and Adaptability:
– Openness to new methods of ministry and church growth
– Ability to lead through change and challenges
– Flexibility in adapting to an ever-evolving church environment

8. Interpersonal Skills:
– Excellent communication abilities across various platforms
– Collaborative team player who can work with staff and volunteers
– Approachable and relatable to people from all walks of life

9. Education and Experience:
– Master’s degree in Divinity or related field from an accredited institution preferred
– Minimum of 7 years of pastoral leadership experience
– Ordination or willingness to pursue ordination

We expect the new pastor to build upon the strong foundation already laid and to lead Dare to Imagine Church to new heights of ministry impact and community transformation. The ideal candidate will embody our core values and have a passion for equipping the church for growth, multiplication, and Kingdom advancement in innovative and creative ways.