Our Vision

2023 Vision for Dare to Imagine

Pastor Kevin R. Johnson shares the 2023 Vision for Dare to Imagine Church. In 2023, we will maximize every relationship, maximize every moment, maximize our prayer life, maximize our reading of the bible, maximize our spiritual walk, and maximize our generosity. Dare to Imagine is a growing and innovative church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Let's maximize and support Expand the Vision!

New renovations at Dare to Imagine Church!

Our Community Impact

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God gave you unique talents and gifts for a reason - and this is your chance to show us what you’ve got. Volunteering is the best way to get involved with Dare to Imagine. We’ve got the perfect role waiting just for you. So use your gifts and talents to help us imagine a better world, together.

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Financial Accountability

Dare to Imagine Church, Inc. annually engages an independent certified public accountant to conduct a Financial Review to examine the church’s financial statements for compliance with GAAP and to provide extra security and confidence to its board, constituents, lenders, and stakeholders. The church's financials are also certified by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).