Lent Completion Celebration

Join us for 40 days of Praying and Fasting


Join us on a journey to deepen your relationship with God. Unlock the power of prayer as you spend time connecting with God.


Discover the true power of biblical fasting: it’s not just about how God responds to your prayers, but how you bring your prayers to God.


It’s not just about encouraging yourself in the present moment, but about deepening your connection with God.

Join us as we begin the Lenten season, trusting God to uplift and elevate you. It all starts with prayer and fasting. We’ve created a 40-day plan to support and motivate you during this season of growth and transformation. While it may be challenging, it will also be incredibly rewarding, and I believe you will emerge stronger than before.

Get ready for breakthrough. Discover today’s Scripture here.


40 Day Challenge | Prayer & Fasting